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DLive: Dead Live?

Hope you're doing well 🙂 Today I was super excited, a bit into streaming stuff. The whole "Mixer pays Ninja" story is great since Twitch is messing up with streamers more and more. A decentralized solution has to come!

And there was one, with PewDiePie, and Jack Black... DLive! I was happy to see how flawless everything seems to work on this platform, so I decided to join there. I mean, they also have an app! Woohoo!

But then the whole story begins to suck. I can't register. It doesn't matter what I do, with which browser, over different IPs, ... It just won't accept me, without Twitch Login, without Facebook Login, it doesn't let me register, I'm stuck here. So I took a look to the Telegram Channel they have, and this is what I've found:

But then, after over 2,5 hours of waiting, a message pops up!

But again, nothing happens. I've never seen such a promising project on the DApp space, with a completely dead community. Two factors for me are the most important for every project:

  1. You have to let people in, who wants to join.
  2. You have to accept their money in every way if they want to spend.

But here? I'm a hostage of this never-ending nonsense error code, who looks like a wrong programmed Indian crunch code. I will never ever come out of this downward spiral, and I need help!

Usually, I would write a review, like: Tried for 2 hours to register, didn't work, project useless. But there are, besides of all the dead communities they have, a few active streamers. So I didn't write a review (it would be a bit short...), but ask you here, if you had experienced... And please, help me out of that hole! HELP!

Thanks 😉


Well, now they kicked me from the chat 🙂 It's okay, I didn't act like a gentleman. The group seems to be there for something else than chatting. So I received a friendly note that I can contact them through Twitter. And I will do so.

But in the meantime, at home, I've retried. And it still doesn't work. I will try this promising platform, no matter what!


If you already had experiences with DLive, or want to take a look at it now, share your thought and experiences here. It would be great if we can read a few stories, maybe a real success story also?

It's alive! Tried to complete the registration through the app, and it finally worked 😀 Woohoo! And I've also seen PewDiePie a few minutes ago - But it was just a replay. Not sure if he really streams live there.

Now I can test and write 🙂