For everybody who knows Hunter S. Thompson, I’m far away from Gonzo Journalism. But with the tasks I have here, I will grow along the mission. Tronzo is a homage to Gonzo, but finally, it’s an editorial, where Swisstron Authors can use to be less polite, and more personal.

So let’s start with the more personal part. I’m excited to see where the Tron road will be one year from now. Right now so many projects are showing up on a daily base. The amount of released DApps and Tokens on the Tron ecosystem is enormous. But I’m mostly not happy with the outcome these days. Everything that I find on the DApp market is a copycat. Even the early originals are mostly just copycats of what the ETH blockchain already had. The last few articles I’ve written were about Daily ROIs. Unsustainable pyramid scheme daily ROI, where people mostly are doing nothing else than losing money. There are a few interesting concepts, though, but is gambling everything we can find in this fantastic ecosystem right now?

Guildchat could be something great, but the main reason people are in there is to beg for Airdrops. I had to leave every group there because it wasted just my time to read all those begs. Tronchat is a great concept, but the dev team there gives the tokens and internal ecosystem priority, right now. And the few games out there that have nothing to do with gambling (even if gaining TRX is one of the possibilities), are mostly with bugs, or in rough condition – And if they’re playable, they’re too expensive. I miss the quality… And I hope that this will turn in as soon as possible because the base technology of Tron is maybe the greatest in the Cryptosphere.

Am I complaining? No, I love this project, and what’s behind it. And it’s good for the whole ecosystem that so many people are spending their Tron in this sphere. HODL is about not selling TRX against fiat currency, but using them on the blockchain means helping this environment to flourish. So it’s what I keep doing, testing everything, and writing about it as much as possible. But I would love to see some quality stuff, like a, or a steemit alternative. All the rewarding systems everybody talked about at the beginning, where artists and content creators can earn something without the middleman. Real blockchain games that are made to have fun, and not getting frustrated.

Let’s see what the future will bring. Just a few personal words to you thought about and wanted to share it. What’s your opinion? Join the conversation here, or join the Swisstron Community on Telegram. Maybe you have a story to share? At the moment we’re investigating what happened to the Tronbet Tesla winners, and we’re beta testing Eggies World – One of the greatest looking games right now on the Tron DApp universe.